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TSM beat fnatic in CCS opener

Team SoloMid have sent fnatic to the Lower Bracket of the CCS finals following a 2-0 victory over the Swedish team (16-12 on de_dust2 and 16-13 on de_inferno).

The first match of the CCS Kick-off Season Finals, taking place under the wings of DreamHack Bucharest, was a repeat of a match that took place not too long ago, namely the Aftonbladet Fight Night, which saw fnatic take home the $3,000 after a 3-0 victory.

Today's match, however, took a very different turn, as Team SoloMid acquitted themselves well throughout the match and wrapped things up after just two maps to show once again that they can never be written off the race for a title.

The first map of this best-of-three match was de_dust2, where the two teams cancelled each other out first the majority of the first half as only one round separated the sides at the break. That very same trend continued during the opening stages of the second half, but then TSM distanced themselves and took control of the proceedings to secure a 16-12 victory.


Team SoloMid advance to the Upper Bracket final photo


TSM then picked up where they had left off and won the first three rounds on de_inferno, but fnatic responded in convincing fashion and took a 4-3 lead thanks to some great positioning across the map. For the rest of the half, rounds kept going back and forth, with the Swedish team eventually taking a narrow 8-7 lead to the second half.

fnatic were able to stretch their lead after winning the pistol round as Terrorist, but Markus "pronax" Wallsten's men were then caught off-guard in the first anti-eco round. TSM were, however, unable to win back-to-back rounds, which saw fnatic take the scoreline to 10-8.

Two rounds then went to TSM, who equalised the score at 10 rounds, and stunning triple kills from Nicolai "device" Reedtz andFinn "karrigan" Andersen in the following two rounds saw the former dignitas side regain in the lead, to which they would hang on until the very end.