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TSM over Na`Vi in close series

TSM became the final team to advance to the playoffs of the FACEIT League 2015 Stage 1 finals after defeating Na`Vi with a score of 2-1: 6:16 on de_overpass, 16:8 on de_cache and 16:13 on de_mirage.


The final decider match of Group B saw TSM having to recoup from its close defeat to moments prior while taking on the resurgent Na`Vi.

The first map was de_overpass which Na`Vi had edged out over TSM the day before with a score of 16:14. This time it was Na`Vi who started things off with a CT pistol round as well as taking the subsequent round.

With the Danes still looking shaken from their previous game, Na`Vi took the reins on their CT side, going up 10:5. T-side was an even more one-sided affair as Na`Vi picked up six rounds to TSM's single round win, sealing the map for the Eastern European team 16:6.


 TSM become the last team to make the playoffs (photo


With de_cache up next as the map of contention, it was TSM's turn to begin a commanding style of play. Stringing together a rare 12:3 side Terrorist side, they left Na`Vi looking dispirited, withFinn "karrigan" Andersen leading his men to such a strong half.

The game looked nigh over with the Danes picking up the second pistol round; however they were soon eco'd by Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev and co. aggressively pushing their opponents. Regardless, TSM buckled down and walked away with the victory on the second map: 16:8.

de_mirage was the third map and also fated to be the most closely contended of the series. After a mediocre 10:5 CT half for Na`Vi, the game narrowed in, and with the score at 12:12 and Na`Vi looking to advance, Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen pulled off an unreal one-on-three to win the round.

From there, the Danes were motivated to run ahead and crush Na`Vi's morale, winning with a 16:13 scoreline.


Source: HLTV,org