Update from 30.04.2018
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Tunisia qualifies for TWC 2015

Tunisia advances through the African qualifier with a lossless run and qualifies for E-frag.net's $100,000 2015 World Championships.

The E-frag.net 2015 World Championships African qualifier placed six African teams in a round-robin group stage, with the top team being the sole qualifier for an all-expenses paid trip to the finals from October 8-11 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Perhaps considered a favourite by some due to the presence of players of its nationality at the major level, South Africa was completely crushed by each team this tournament, with a fair share of controversy attached over the lineup which represnted the nation.


This year's nations cup will have a far more global reach (photo hltv.org)


Following a series of close games, it was Tunisia that ended up advancing as the winner of the group stage, finishing 5-0 with a positive 48 round differential. The five teams (out of 16 total) to have now qualified for the 2015 World Championships are:




11 more teams remain to qualify, with eight to eventually come through the ongoing European qualifier, and three to come through an Asian qualifier, the details for which are still forthcoming.


Source: HLTV.org