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TWC reveal African qualifier details

The African qualifier for 2016's World Championship will mostly follow the system of the North American counterpart, as it'll feature six teams in two best-of-one, round-robin groups.

Lineups of South Africa, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia will fight for the opportunity to represent Africa in Belgrade from October 5-9. Their full lineups can be found in a document here.

Group A Group B
 Tunisia  Egypt
 Morocco   South Africa
 Algeria  Libya

Top two sides from each group will go on to play single-elimination, best-of-three semi-finals before the finalists play a best-of-five for the spot at the eight-team finals.

The full schedule for the African qualifier is following:

Wednesday, August 3rd
19:00  Tunisia vs.  Morocco BO1
20:00  Tunisia vs.  Algeria BO1
21:00  Algeria vs.  Morocco BO1
Thursday, August 4th
19:00  Egypt vs.  South Africa BO1
20:00  Egypt vs.  Libya BO1
21:00  Libya vs.  South Africa BO1
Friday, August 5th
17:00 Semi-final #1   BO3
20:00 Semi-final #2   BO3
Saturday, August 6th
18:00 Grand final   BO5

So far we've seen all other qualifiers outside of Europe find their winners, as the following four teams are already locked in for the finals taking place in Belgrade, Serbia:

 Australia  China
 Argentina   USA
 Africa  Europe
 Europe  Europe