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Two qualifiers left for WinOut Champ.

Registrations for the third WinOut Championships qualifier, which starts on Friday, August 7th, are now open. Meanwhile, LunatiK have received the seventh invite.

WinOut CS:GO Championships powered by is scheduled to take place on September 4-8 with a total of 16 teams at the WinOut Gaming Arena in Philadelphia.

ESEA-Premier winners, Lunatik, have been handed another invite for the $20,000 tournament, and with NTC filling up one of the invite spots as the Golden Chance winners, there are only seven spots left to fill.

Four of those will go to direct invites, which will be announced in the near future, while the remaining three go to winners of three qualifiers.

The WinOut Championships team list currently looks as follows:


 CLG  Maximum Effort   Tempo Storm   3suP
 Luminosity   LunatiK  NTC  Method 
 Enemy  Qualifier #2  Qualifier #3  Qualifier #4
 Invite  Invite  Invite  Invite


Enemy have won the first qualifier and the second is running until Thursday, while the third is coming up on Friday. Teams who would like to participate are to sign up on CEVO's tournament page, after paying the $15 entry fee per player.