Update from 30.04.2018
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UK Premiership finals set to start

The ESL UK Premiership Spring season will come to a close this weekend with four teams facing off for cash prizes of £5,000.


Held inside London's MCM Comic Con, the ESL UK Premiership Spring Finals will feature the top four sides of the online group stage, who will compete in a single-elimination bracket.

The semi-final stage will see fm-eSports lock horns with XENEX, whereas exceL, who will attend the event under new org EZskins.com, will pit their wits against Infused.


socN & co will face XENEX in the semi-finals (photo hltv.org)


Alex "Machine" Richardson, Ben Hosford and Henry "HenryG" Greer will be breaking down the action for all viewers, while Lauren "Pansy" Scott and Karam "Kyan1te" Kabbara will be doing play-by-play commentary.

Below you can find the tournament schedule and the lineups of all participating teams:


Saturday, May 23rd
15:30  XENEX vs.  fm-eSports
17:50  EZskins.com vs.  Infused
Sunday, May 24th
18:00 Grand final


Participating teams:


  •  XENEX: Sheekey, Puls3, JT, RattlesnK, mole
  •  fm-eSports: Whindanski, Weber, nEiLZiNHo, socN, mikeS
  •  Infused: redsnK, hudzG, ZED, AaroN, KritikaL
  •  EZskins.com: AndrewIsGod, resu, chron1c, mvicK, Boaster