Update from 30.04.2018
Ru Ru

Win prizes with eSportsPools

HLTV.org has teamed up with eSportsPools.com to bring you a fun contest that allows you to win some amazing weapon skins.


This upcoming weekend, Team SoloMid, fnatic, Natus Vincere and HellRaisers will be facing off in Stockholm for their share of fragbite Masters Season 4's $60,000 prize purse.

Through eSportsPools.com, you will be able to take part in an exciting contest by selecting the five players that you think will rack up the most kills during the Swedish tournament. Each kill that the players you chose get will count for one point towards your total score.

At the end of the tournament, the 15 HLTV.org users with the most points will get the following weapon skins:



Signing up for the contest is free and you can do it by clicking on the picture above or following this link. You can only pick a maximum of two players per team and you can change your lineup up until five minutes before the tournament kicks off.


Source: HLTV.org