Update from 30.04.2018
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WinOut announces $20k tournament

WinOut.net has announced that it will host an offline tournament in Philadelphia with a $20,000 prize pool.


Scheduled for September 4-6, the WinOut.net CS:GO championship, held at the WinOut Gaming Arena, will feature a total of 16 teams, who will compete in a double-elimination bracket for the first prize of $10,000.

Twelve teams will receive wildcards into the tournament, while the remaining four spots will be filled through three online qualifiers and one last-chance offline qualifier (to be held on location on September 4) with eight teams.

Each online qualifier will be hosted by CEVO and will feature a total of 32 teams. To sign up for these cups, which have an entry fee of $15 per player, teams need to go here. The winners of the online qualifiers will receive $500 in travel support to attend the event in Philadelphia.

The invited teams will be selected based on past achievements in online and offline tournaments. All European sides interested in attending the event should email [email protected] by June 2nd.

The prize distribution for the main event is the following: 


1.- $10,000
2.- $5,000
3.- $2,500
4.- 1,500
5-6. $500 
Source: HLTV.org