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x6tence win Insomnia 54

x6tence topped Insomnia Gaming Festival 54 by defeating fm-eSports 3-0 in the grand final (de_inferno 16-14, de_cache 16-3) for a first place prize of £5,000.

From April 3-6, teams have been fighting in the Counter-Strike Challenge taking place throughout, which had £10,000 ($15,300) up for grabs split between the eight best teams.

One of the favourites, k1ck, managed to overcome Perilous Fury and Perilous Rage before falling short 0-2 to fm-eSports, who went on to the upper final.


loWel's x6tence storm through i54 without dropping a map photo


There, they were met by the Spaniards from x6tence due to defeating one of the bigger names in the tournament, Infused, but it was a one-sided match, as the three Brits with a Dane and a Netherlander only got 13 rounds in two maps.

They fell down to the consolidation final to meet k1ck, with whom they had big trouble, as they went to double mr5 overtime on the initial map, de_inferno, but in the end prevailed 2-0.

The grand final was a landslide as well with x6tence up 1-0 due to coming from the upper bracket, and as much as in the upper final, they didn't drop a map in the grand final either, defeating Brandon "weber" Weber and company despite having trouble on de_inferno.


i54 final standings:

1.  x6tence - £5,000 (~$7,450)
2.  fm-eSports - £2,000 (~$3,000)
3.  k1ck - £1,200 (~$1,800)
4.  Infused - £600 ($900)
5.-6.  Rasta - £300 ($450)
5.-6.  TLR - £300 ($450)
7.-8.  MALIK - £300 ($450)
7.-8.  XENEX - £300 ($450)