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xfunction Masters III with €1,750

The third edition of the xfunction Masters will once again feature an open online tournament as well as a beefed up prize-pool of around $1,925.

xfunction Masters, which originally stood out as an all-Portugese tournament with an offline final, saw its last online edition won by the Bulgarian GPlay, who pocketed €900 as a result of their efforts.

The third edition of xfunction Masters is ready to play out in this month of July, and will be sponsored by streaming site


GPlay were the winners of the last xfunction Masters (photo


The prize distribution for this tournament has once again increased (€1,750 total) and is as follows:

1. - €1,000
2. - €500
3. - €250 

The group phase of the tournament will run from July 20-24 and groups will work in a GSL, best-of-one format. The playoff phase will run from July 28-29 and will work in a best-of-three format.

Sign up for the xfunction Masters III is €50 per team and interested teams can contact [email protected] in order to sign-up as well as for more information.