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Yam completes Vox Eminor roster

The Australian team had been without a full roster for almost a month, after parting ways with Azad "topguN" Orami due to the player no longer being able to commit to the hours and training to remain at the top.


After playing with Kyran "dizzy" Crombie as a stand-in in FACEIT League's Oceanic division, Vox Eminor added the player to the team to fill a backup role, which meant that they were still in the market for someone to complete their starting lineup.


Yam joins Vox Eminor  photo


Vox Eminor have now finalised their team by bringing in Immunity's Yaman "Yam" Ergenekon, one of the most experienced players in Australia, boasting an impressive career that spans over a decade.


Ergenekon will make his international debut for Vox Eminor shortly as, according to the team, they will be competing abroad once again "very soon".


With these changes, Vox Eminor now have:


 Luke "Havoc" Paton
 Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill
 Justin "jks" Savage
 Aaron "AZR" Ward
 Yaman "Yam" Ergenekon 

 Kyran "dizzy" Crombie (backup)