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CS legends in throwback tournament

The tournament, whose name is CS Reunion at Inferno Online, will be on 9th of April as sixty ex-pros, most of whom are Swedish, will duke it out in CS:GO which was chosen by the players as the game they want to play.

The one-day tournament will have a best-of-one format all the way through and twelve teams will be split into two groups of six to kick things off. Top two from each group will advance to the single-elimination playoffs and the remaining four teams will try to receive the taste of glory once again.

The groups and the full lineups can be found below:

Group A Lineups 
 SK.2003 HeatoN, Potti, fisker, elemeNt, SpawN
 Team9/Adrenaline  XeqtR, vesslan, NotoriouS, GoodFella, natu
 PlayIT zaffe, fjuttiz, excide, psyket, spunk
 Inferno Online EyKooN, sToL, bLoLu, Royal, Smuffe
 Begrip.mix sailor, enben, Fist, Maza, DeeOne
 Mix#2 TBD
Group B  
 EYE vilden, bevah, Crw, Hyper, archie
 KABOM  greykarn, bf, cyppe, swiffan, cK
 HLO.Gävle           Heiden, Oops!, matz, djurre, frenz
 Divine BANDIT, Rwa, squee, eriko, zeewor
 Mix #1 TBD
 Mix #3 TBD