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Nordic Masters 2016 group draw

The 2016 edition of the Nordic Masters will take place this weekend, with 16 teams battling it out for over $14,400 in cash prizes.

Much of the CS:GO community's attention will be focused this weekend on ESL Expo Barcelona, but in Älmhult, in southern Sweden, there will also be an international tournament, called the Nordic Masters, featuring 122,500 SEK (~$14,430) in prize money.

Sixteen teams hailing from the Nordic region will be taking part in the tournament, which will kick off with a double-elimination group stage, followed by the single-elimination playoffs with the last eight sides standing.


twist to play for DenDD (photo hltv.org)


Due to Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander suffering a collapsed lung while playing at Assembly Winter, Copenhagen Wolves have been forced to withdraw from the tournament, being replace by RCTIC, who took fifth-sixth at the event in Helsinki.

Below you can find the group draw in full:

Group A Group B
 RCTIC  Optimum
 Torpedo  Publiclir.se
 DollarHouse  Temporary orgless
 Rize Gaming  Fan Jävla
Group C Group D
 BX3  Games4u
 DenDD  Raepmashaekel
 Inetz  Tzatsikiklubben
 Property Female  LGB eSports female

The rosters of all 16 competing teams can be found below:

  •  RCTIC: Twista, xseveN, sAw, ZOREE, SAGGERTON
  •  Torpedo: atter, darti, decent, downie, malle
  •  DollarHouse: TBA
  •  Rize Gaming: ackkee, S0NTY, erkenp, SPRAAD, CL0SEBOX
  •  Optimum: gran, refrezh, mertz, zEptonL, sycrone
  •  Publiclir: DomiNate, Lekr0, Quix ,HS, tease
  •  Temporary orgless: jonti, Karakz, greeN-wp, R3, minio
  •  Fan Jävla: kHRYSTAL, glace, wenton, cadiaN, LOMME
  •  BX3: Kalle, Zyppe, hk0n, phnien, m1kkis
  •  DenDD: robiin, twist, zende, cype, pg
  •  Inetz: Rez, luddie, freddyfrog, relaxa, kallberg
  •  Property Female: Foxglove, Mouse, Steelya, Szanto, Nuci
  •  Games4u: t3h f4rm3r, henkeZ0t, slap, BENDJI, BARBARR
  •  Raepmashaekel: klown, slajden, Bishop, disco doplan, freddieb
  •  Tzatsikiklubben: veggeh, xajdish, hampus, Jayzwalkingz, ANTON
  •  LGB.Esports: aurora, HaySS, Hedje, L.K.S, mattye

Source: HLTV.org