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Ace Gaming MSI

Ace Gaming MSI
Country: Canada CA

Line Up

  • PEX
  • decipLe
  • mOE
  • Wade

Team History

Formely known as The Stream Team (TST) Ace gaming CS:GO is a mix of Counter-Strike veterans that have being competing in several versions of the game. These players are known for their participation in the community and for streaming on Twitch.

The team is led by P-O ''PEX'' Crepin who has alot of experience under his belt from several north american championships. This squad mixed with four canadians and one american has a great mix of individual skills that creates a good chemistry.

That being said, Ace gaming CS:GO squad has all what it takes to compete at the best level in North America, with CEVO-P, LAN ETS and ESEA-P playoffs, alot of action is coming up for the team.