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Country: Japan JP

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Team History

DeToNator is founded in the "Alliance of Valiant Arms" in the September 13, 2009, it is a gaming team to welcome the sixth year.

The name of the team we have derived from the "Detonator (detonator)" in English.

9 月 年 2009 ~ AVA department

1 月 年 2015 ~ Dota2 department

March 年 2015 ~ League of Legends department

5 月 年 2015 ~ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive department

Change was the team color from the "Blue" to "Black & Gold" from May 2015 until now


-Sponsor History -

SteelSeries than in July 2011 joined as supporters of the team

March 28, 2014, announced the DXRACER JAPAN and the sponsor contract

April 1, 2014, announced the MSI JAPAN and the sponsor contract

July 2, 2014, announced the GUNNAR JAPAN and the sponsor contract

September 19, 2014, announced the EIZO Co., Ltd. and sponsor contract

November 27, 2014, announced the G2A.COM and sponsorship deal

May 1, 2015, announced the Aiming and main sponsor contract Co., Ltd.

May 26, 2015, announced the SteelSeries and global sponsorship deal

We will have the day-to-day to be able to contribute even a little devotion to the gaming scene in the future.