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Country: Australia AU

Team History

The team's unrivalled passion for gaming has established the Exile5 name as a driving force within the Oceania esports scene since 2007 when it was born. We strive to elevate competitive gaming in Australia and New Zealand and to showcase our talent to the world.

Our divisions have attended various LAN tournaments throughout Australia and New Zealand, such as the World Games Tournament, AINC National Championships, XLAN, CyberGamer Finals, PAX, AvCon and ACL. Internationally, we have made showings at  the World Cyber Games, various DreamHack events, ASUS ROG at Assembly and Gfinity3, all in Europe. As of March 2015, we will have representatives for the Call of Duty World Championships and the World Championship Series for StarCraft.

From its inception to the present, Exile5 remains Oceania's premier multi-gaming organisation. Exile5 supports the region's best gamers by providing them with a professional environment, mentors and managers to help them reach the heights of their esports career. Our organisation sets a high standard for professionalism, focusing on maintaining a mature and respectful culture while pushing for discipline and dedication in gaming.