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Team Property

Team Property
Country: Sweden SE

Team Property is a professional Multi Gaming team based in Sweden. Since the beginning of Team Property the ambition has been to work with the Swedish gaming talent around the country. Since the foundation 2010 Team Property has been represented at every major Swedish event as Dreamhack, Eizo Open, EsportSM and Birdie.

Team History

E-sport seen today at all possible and "impossible" places where recently Dota 2 discussed in The New York Times front. The sport is growing exponentially and ESL doubled its ratings of less than 3 months to record highs and just gets bigger and bigger.
So it may not come as a huge surprise that more traditional mainstream media are now trying to understand and become part of the growing e-sports landscape.
Aftonbladet is really in the forefront when it comes to reporting and coverage and transmission of e-sports and it is one of the largest media players in the Swedish market. A staggering thought 10 years ago today our reality that Team Property is part of Aftonbladet's large investment in e-sports, and that together we can reach out to mainstream e-sport and our profiles.

There is a strong sense of pride and anticipation is in the air when we will give you a unique insight into Team Property. We will go in depth when it comes to everything relating to the team, the organization, players, streamare, profiles and those who work behind the scenes. We will give an insight into our professional player's life, opinions, successes and material not previously available to you as a reader.

Team Property has been growing in pace with e-sports have grown and our amazing history will be discussed as early as tomorrow. But there I leave you with is we tagged and ready so join us on our journey and read all about Team Property right here on


Aaron Larsson
Leader of Team Property BB2