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Terms of Service

Last update: 09.08.2018


Service is an international project, allowing users to bet e-sport events. Betting on you confirm that you have reached full age and by the laws of the country of your current residency you are allowed to do bets.  If the website administration has any questions regarding your age, reserves the right to freeze your account and request the identification documents to confirm your age. 

This user agreement regulates the terms and conditions for using If you do not accept any terms and conditions of this user agreement you must leave this Website.


CSE N.V. on the one part and the user accepting the agreement located at on the other part, have agreed as follows.


1. Terms and Definitions

 1.1 In this user agreement, unless otherwise provided, the following terms have following meanings:

«User» - Individual of full age and capacity accepted agreement.

«Rules» - It’s the set of regulations regarding placing bets and pay off winnings. The text of the rules can be found in the annex 1, being an integral part of the agreement.

«Website» - The set of information, texts, graphic elements, design, images, photo and video, applications for different devices and other intellectual property, available at

«Service» - Official name Cse N.V. 

«Event» - E-Sport event that can be bet by user. The list of the events is available at the website.

«Agreement» - Current user agreement.

«Bet» - A bet on the outcome of an event, placed by user by through the website.

«CSE Dollar» - The currency of the website.

«CSE Free Dollar» - The internal currency of the site used to motivate and encourage users.

«Parties» - Service and User.

«Nick» - The nickname used by user in the chat.

1.2. All the other terms and Definitions found in text of agreement, shall be interpreted by the parties into line with the current legislation in the country of the service and common internet terms.

1.3. The headlines of this agreement are used only for the convenience and have no legal value.


2. Conclusion of agreement

2.1. The text of the agreement located at contains all existing terms of the agreement and serves as an offer of the service to conclude the agreement to any full legal capacity Individual of full age.

2.2. The agreement is considered to be accepted after the following:

2.2.1. Checking the box "I accept user agreement"

2.2.2. Logging on to the website by pressing “Sing in through steam” button and log in using existing steam account or by making a new steam account.


3. The subject of agreement

3.1. The Service grants to user a simple (not exceptional) license that allows him to use the website and its software for their intended and proper purpose, as is provided with the user interface worldwide except Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, Netherlands, Sabu, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten, USA as long as the website can be reached by user.


4. Use of the website

4.1. User is allowed to:

4.1.1. Place bets;

4.1.2. View statistics of the events;

4.1.3. Place/withdraw funds (CSE Dollars);

4.1.4. Sell and buy items of other users using the funds (CSE Dollars);

4.2. User is not allowed to:

4.2.1. Circumvent the restrictions set by the website;

4.2.2. Make copies of the website and its design;

4.2.3. By any means make changes in functionality of the website;

4.2.4. Use inappropriate nicks that conclude swear words, insults, racism and advertisement;

4.2.5. Confuse users by using nicknames such as "Admin", "Administrator", "Moderator" etc;

4.2.6. Show disrespect and insult towards other users, administration and entire project;

4.2.7. Distribute the advertisement links;

4.2.8. Distribute the links to websites with pornographic, racist, extremist and other materials, viruses etc. that can harm person’s mental and moral health. No flood also;

4.2.9. Use the chat to make any deals not related to


5. Placing Bets

5.1. To place bets user should recharge the balance.

5.1.1. You can recharge your balance using specific button in your profile with the use of electronic payment systems;

5.2. You can withdraw your funds only using the existing way that specified at

5.3. The procedure of placing bets and receiving winnings is regulated by rules.


6. Special Conditions

6.1. Service does not guarantee that the website meets the requirements of user and gives no warranties on uninterrupted, fast, reliable and flawless access to the website.

6.2. The website and its software are provided “as is”. The risks of using website rest with the user.

6.3. Technical difficulties both from service and user side that lead to the inability to access the website, understood as force majeure and shall be the ground for exoneration from fulfilling the obligations by Service.

6.4. Service has a right to transfer his right and obligations to the third parties. User agrees the right of the service to transfer rights and obligations to the third parties. The administrator informs the user of such transfer by posting relevant information on the website.


7. Responsibility

7.1. In the event of breech of the terms of this agreement by user, the service reserves its right to stop or suspend user’s access to all functionality of the website.

7.2. Server reserves the right to stop or suspend implementation of the agreement at any time, including by restricting access to the website or its certain functionality.


8. Resolution of disputes

8.1. All disputes, disagreements and claims which may occur during the implementation, termination or invalidation of the agreement, parties will seek to overcome through negotiations. The party that has a dispute and/or claim sends the other party a claim in accordance with the procedure provided in the paragraph 10.1 of this agreement. The claim and the proofs evidencing the claim should be included to the message.

8.2. The party received a claim has 30 days to answer the message and send it back using the same procedure.

8.3. In case if the answer is not received within 30 days or parties could not come to agreement on the existing claim, the dispute is subject to judicial review at the location of the Service.


9. Alterations of the agreement terms

9.1. The service reserves the right to alter the terms of the agreement unilaterally, also those changes become effective within one day after updating the new version of the agreement on the website.

9.2. The user is obliged to review the new version of the agreement. Further use of the website by user signifies his acceptance to the new terms of the agreement. If the user does not accept the new terms and conditions after reviewing them, he must stop using the website immediately.


10. Final Clauses

10.1. Hereby the parties affirm that during the implementation (alteration, termination) of the agreement and correspondence of occurred questions, it is allowed to use the analog of signature. The parties confirm that all notifications, messages, agreements and documents that may occur in the performance of the obligations of the agreement, have legal standing and are binding if signed by the signature analog. By the signature analog is meant an email and the user credentials.

10.2. The parties affirm that all notifications, messages, agreements and documents and emails sent through authorized email addresses, are considered as signed by corresponding party. All actions committed through user credentials (including sending notifications, messages and using any functionality of the website) are considered as committed by user.

10.3. The authorized email addresses of the parties as follows:

10.3.1. Service: [email protected]

10.3.2. User: An email address specified by the user during his registration on the website.

10.4. The parties undertake to ensure confidentiality of information necessary to access authorized email addresses and website, to keep this information secure and not disclosed to third parties. The parties regulate the procedure of access restrictions for such information on their own.

10.5. All actions and documents committed and sent through authorized email address (even if committed and sent by third parties) are considered as committed and sent by the second party, until the first party is notified by second party about a breach of confidentiality. The second party has all the rights and obligations also takes all responsibilities in the event of such breach.

10.6. In the event of a cancellation or enforcement of any paragraph of the agreement, the other paragraphs are not subject to such cancellation or enforcement.

10.7. In all the rest that is not specified in the agreement, parties should be guided by the existing legislation of the country of the service, without regard of the conflict of the laws rules.

10.8. The user agrees to receive any advertising materials sent by service or other parties authorized by the service, to his email address, entered during registration.

10.9. The user can unsubscribe from receiving advertising materials at any time by sending an email with a request to [email protected] or by following the instruction indicated in advertising emails.

10.10. The present terms and conditions are regulated by legislation of Costa Rica and the parties are subject to jurisdiction of the court of Costa Rica.


Annex 1

The rules of placing bets and collecting winnings

1. The bets can be placed at the main page of the website.

2. You can only bet on one team of the event.

3. The minimum bet is - 0.01 CSE dollar and the maximum bet is – 5 000 CSE dollars.

4. Service is not responsible if you placed a wrong bet.

5. You can place your bets prior to the beginning of the event.

6. The time and location of the event can change, depending on the decision of the event authorities or moderator, before the beginning of picks and the end of the warm-up.

7. The winnings may change depending on the total bet on both teams, up to beginning of the event.

8. You cannot cancel your bet.

9. If the event is postponed for 24 hours or less, after it begins, the bets stand.

10. If the event is postponed for 24 hours of less, before it begins, the bets are cancelled and you may bet again.

11. If on any map of the event any team gets a technical defeat, the bets are cancelled.

12. If a team failed to appear on the event and got a technical defeat, the bets are cancelled.

13. If the match ends with the score 1-1 in “Best of 2” series, the bets are cancelled and no winnings are payed off.

14. The final results of the event may appear on the website within 30 minutes after the end of the event.

15. In the event of match fixing, the bets are cancelled.

16. If the team refuses to finish the match and the authorities of the event decide to cancel the match, the bets are cancelled.

17. If any player taking a part in the event becomes target of DDoS-attack, the final result of the event is determined by the official position of the event authorities.

18. If the authorities of the event change one of the teams, after the event starts, the bets are cancelled.

19. If after the end of the match, event authorities decide to make a rematch, the Service leaves the original results.

20. If lees the 3 hours prior to beginning of the event, the "best of 3" series is changed to "best of 1" (or "best of 5" to "best of 3") by the event authorities or by the agreement between the teams, the bets are cancelled. Meanwhile if the "best of 1" series is increased to "best of 3" (or "best of 3" to "best of 5"), the bets stand.

21. If the format for the event is incorrectly shown on the website, the bets are cancelled.

22. If the results of the event are incorrectly shown on the website, the result will be reviewed within 24 hours, the bets will be either cancelled or not based on the reviewed results.

23. The user is responsible for the safety of his steam account. Transferring funds from one account to another is not provided. If user has lost access to his steam account the funds can be transferred, based on the decision if the service.

24. The Service reserves the right to cancel any events, including the events that have been held with violations. In this case the service refunds the bets without winnings.

25. There is a time limit set for 24 hours to appeal the results of the match, the incorrectly credited or charged funds from your account.

26. If the event starts with the score 1-0 towards one of the teams and this score has been earned for the win in upper bracket or other reasons (not related to technical defeat), the event is not cancelled.

27. The user may change the selection of the team until 5 minutes before the start of the match (according to the timer shown on the match page). After changing the select team again to make the change will be possible only after 30 seconds.

28. CSE Free dollars are a full analogue of CSE dollars, except for the possibility of their withdrawal from the site. In case of winning the match, when using CSE Free in dollars, the user receives a prize in CSE dollars.


Annex 2

Rules of conducting promotions

1. The site administration has the right to conduct promotional activities aimed to increase the attendance and involvement of users. As an incentive and motivation, the Administration can give the users CSE Free dollars, by transferring them to a separate internal account.

2. The terms and conditions of the promotional activities, as well as the type and number of prizes, are published on the Site or in the social network in which the promotion is conducted.

3. Users are prohibited from creating multiple accounts on the Site solely for participation in promotional activities. Accounts of violators can get a permanent ban by the decision of the Site Administration.


Annex 3

Rules for use of the marketplace

1. The user of the site has the right to create on the marketplace his game items, indicating the value in the local currency of the site (CSE Dollars).

2. The user of the site has the right to accept the trade offers of other users, paying off the internal currency of the site (CSE Dollars).

3. The site provides intermediary services for sales transactions between users. The commission for using the intermediate services of the Site is 5%.