IEM Katowice 2019 Main Qualifier & Free Gifts
IEM Katowice 2019 Main Qualifier & Free Gifts

It's the middle of February 2019, and that means that IEM Major Katiwice 2019 have already started, with a prize Fund of $ 1,000,000. In addition to the young teams, which will have a chance to prove themselves as strong players, this tournament was waiting for many fans of the participating teams, and just the audience, who are happy to try a chance, and even earn extra money on this (loss of souvenir cases for watching the tournament). But, suddenly, a couple of days before the tournament, Valve released an update which says that to get cases for free will no longer work. Now you have to pay $10 for the pass, which gives a chance to get 3 cases for the whole Мajor. A lot of fans of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, as well as just fans of freebies were disappointed, because who knows, suddenly these cases will not pay for themselves? Does it make sense to buy this pass? 

In that moment, CSEsport team made the unanimous decision to implement the system of encouragement of the audience inside the website. This system works very simply, you only need to: 

1. Login to the site 

2. Choose any Major match, and just watch the stream through our website 

As a sign of gratitude for the activity, on the site we will give out a random number of CSE coins and VGO skins, which than you can bet on your favorite team, sold it in our market or simply withdraw to your wallet. 

Try your luck on IEM Katowice 2019 with CSEsport.